CAYR Community Connections, as a social justice organization, condemns the rise of anti-Asian racism in our communities across Canada, in the neighbouring United States, and globally, including the Uyghur genocide in China. CAYRCC condemns hatred and violence against Asians and stands in solidarity with Asian communities in America, especially after the recent shooting in Atlanta, Georgia.

These events are especially hard considering how COVID-19 has affected Asian, Black, Indigenous, and other racialized communities. These impacts highlight existing social inequalities. Anti-Asian sentiments and actions are part of a longer history of oppression that Asian communities continue to experience. In York Region, Chinese, South Asian, and West Asian groups are the largest visible minority groups (2016 Census). Asian communities are core to the identity of York Region, and their marginalization is simply unacceptable. Everyone can look to the leadership example from the NBA in their response to anti-racist sentiments aimed at player Jeremy Lin. As Lin eloquently phrased it, “Listen to the voices that are teaching us how to be anti-racist towards ALL people.”

CAYRCC’s values are rooted in the principles of Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression. As an organization that aims to create safe, confidential, and inclusive spaces, we understand that there are actions that can be taken on our part to assist the collective imagining and realizing of a just society. CAYRCC makes a commitment to:

  • continue to seek out new Peer Advisory Committee members from the Asian community
  • collaboration with agencies providing culturally safe services to Asian communities
  • provide more inclusive programming specific to the needs of Asian service users
  • provide opportunities for leadership and advocacy with CAYRCC
  • encourage a thoughtful approach to working with people of Asian descent

CAYRCC will continue to approach our work with an intersectional lens and prioritize the most marginalized members of our community as we strive to create a world where every person can reach their full potential free from hatred and bias; and where we can create meaningful solutions. CAYRCC calls on everyone to challenge anti-Asian racism and intersectional violence wherever they encounter it.

CAYR Community Connections


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