Harm Reduction

If you are a person who uses drugs and substances or is seeking support for a friend or family member in York Region, here is what you can access:

  • Harm reduction supplies such as:
    – Sterile needles and syringes
    – Sterile water
    – Cookers
    – Vitamin C
    – Filters
    – Straight (crack) pipes
    – Brass screens
    – Push sticks
    – Bowl (meth) pipes
    – Mouthpieces
    – Used needle disposal containers
    – Condoms & lubes
  • Naloxone kits & overdose prevention training
  • Information about safer drug use
  • Information about sexual health promotion
  • Monthly HIV, Hep C and other testing drives
  • Wellness drop-in programs
  • Support and referrals to health and social services
  • Peer learning & social groups
  • Volunteering & leadership development opportunities

All services are free and confidential

Connect with us at at 289-383-0182 or 416-453-9199; [email protected]

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