ACYR recently took a day long Crisis Intervention Training Program with the Safe Management Group. It was a good training to go through as a service provider organization, just to make us all more mindful and prepared. Avoiding crisis is always what we want, but sometimes situations arise and having an understanding of what can be done ahead of time is not only helpful for dealing with it but possibly preventing it in the first place.

A crises can range from an actual physical confrontation to a simple phone call that can be difficult, and more often than not it cannot be predicted. This why creating a dialogue and some preparedness is important. Life is full of challenges and having an idea or ideas of how to manage through only makes sense; it is like organizing oneself but only on a different and more serious level. There is no written script or one right way, but there are steps that involve everyone working together. It is not really about being a hero and handling a situation turned wrong, it is about dealing with it the best way we can to keep everyone safe. When I say everyone I mean just that, and that needs to be kept in mind first and foremost; because really, there is not always going to be a bad guy. Blame or pointing fingers doesn’t help move you toward any type of solution.

Managing a crisis properly is about keeping yourself and everyone else in that situation safe; physically, mentally and emotionally. It is knowing your audience and your environment. It is like being aware of all the pieces of the puzzle.

It is about being able to move forward afterwards. The knowledge of knowing how to deal with a crisis is a good skill to carry for anyone.

By Mark Koning

Mark is the Communications & Operations Manager with the AIDS Committee of York Region. Mark is also an Author and Blogger of Challenging Barriers and The BIST Blog. (Brain Injury Society of Toronto)

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