It is National Volunteer week April 7th to the 13th of 2019.

What does that really mean and how important is it? Well, the week kind of celebrates and brings about the awareness of folks who offer their time and compassion to helping others, groups and organizations. And the recognition is deserving, because without the kindness of volunteers, where would things really be at?

Being a volunteer goes beyond just supplying extra hands to accomplishing a set task, it shows importance and value to what is being done; and that makes a difference. Everything from office administrative work to offering peer support, people and jobs are impacted by volunteer work.

It is fun, it is educational, and it is meaningful. The benefits involved are many, weather you are on the giving or receiving end. Many folks in the workplace could use assistance with something or other now and then, but it is also sometimes just the volunteer themselves being there that can bring a bit of a renewed feeling.

People volunteer for many different reasons:

  • To fill time after retirement
  • Gain experience/add to resume
  • Learn new skills
  • Fill time in between jobs
  • To meet people
  • To fulfill student hours
  • To help

And more than just that, volunteering can help keep a person interested, perhaps bringing about new perspectives, or rejuvenating the mind.

Volunteering got me started in the workplace, and I still volunteer myself for things. For others that I’ve watched or listened to, it delivers positive outcomes time and again.

You can volunteer and find ample opportunities in quite a few different places. The need is always going to be there, and it will always be appreciated.

To volunteer with the AIDS Committee of York Region you can go here:

By Mark Koning

Mark is the Communications & Operations Manager with the AIDS Committee of York Region. Mark is also an Author and Blogger of Challenging Barriers and The BIST Blog. (Brain Injury Society of Toronto)

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