Red for Change is an annual social media campaign to raise awareness with the purpose of battling the stigma that surrounds HIV and AIDS. This campaign runs from now up to December 1st, World AIDS Day!

HIV has made many advances over the years, many therapies and medications have improved, people living with HIV/AIDS can now live long healthy lives. But sadly, the stigma and discrimination, they still exist. Awareness and education are the best combatants for that!

This year, 2020, has been challenging to say the least; even more so for people living with a prior illness to COVID. But the fact remains, maybe elevated to another level even, that awareness and education still play a key role. Change of attitudinal barriers, barriers that prevent us from understanding and moving forward.

6 years I have been playing a role in promoting the campaign Red for Change. It has been great work, fun to be a part of, and simply wonderful to see the compassion and support from individuals, mayors and MPs and community partners. People wearing and showing red, displays created to showcase education and awareness.

As I said before, this year has seen its challenges. Even though things are different and difficult with no group gathering for photos or people being busy with other concerns, the need for that awareness and growth is still there.

Show your support from a social distance… it still works. Send in a picture dressed in red to [email protected] between now and December 1st 2020. Or you can post your own picture in red and use the #RedforChange, don’t forget to tag CAYR COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS.

You can also show your support by donating:

Red for Change

Wear it, Show it, and Support it!

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