On behalf of the Board of Directors at CAYR Community Connections (CAYR), I am pleased to announce the appointment of Marie Morton to Executive Director of CAYR effective June 22, 2020.

In Marie’s own words:

“I am both pleased and honoured to be joining the staff of CAYR Community Connections as the new Executive Director. The opportunity to work with CAYR gives me the chance to engage with people and facilitate impact across the York Region. Taking on this role brings with it the responsibility of living up to the legacy of all those who have come before me. I am fortunate to have joined this organization at a time of visionary goals, and I relish the challenges ahead.

I come into this position after working in the nonprofit sector in the north end of York Region since 2013. I saw there both the need of vulnerable populations, but also the difference a nonprofit can make. Prior to that, I worked extensively in cultural resources management with a background in anthropology. That part of my career enabled me to travel widely and learn about the importance of diversity in people, and their incredible resilience in the face of challenge.

As I start out in my new role, I embrace CAYR’s vision of an informed, healthy, stigma-free and compassionate community. Together, we can be a force for positive change. I look forward to meeting and working with all of you!”

I am extremely confident in Marie’s ability to continue strong collaboration efforts with key partners, innovate on solutions, and lead with an action oriented mindset to allow CAYR to continue to build a strong ecosystem of service offerings for those most vulnerable and in need within the York Region.

Gavin Demonte
Chair, Board of Directors
CAYR Community Connections

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