sexThe AIDS Committee of York Region is happy to be introducing a new program to provide sexual health support to guys who hook up with other guys. Several of our staff have undergone training in Motivational Interviewing (MI), a counseling style that helps people to look at making positive changes in their life. Beginning this August, we’ll be recruiting guys to participate in MI with us.

What’s the point of MI?

The MI training we’ve received courtesy of the Gay Men’s Sexual Health Alliance is designed to help you look at sex and sexual health in a holistic way- looking at mental, physical, emotional, and social wellness. That means we can talk about anything you want related to your sex life, like dating, relationships, concerns about your health or looking at how to make your sex life more fun and pleasurable.

Gay, bi, queer and other guys who hook up with guys receive a lot of shaming and negative messaging that limits their opportunities to have open and honest dialogue about their sex lives, their sexual relationships and their sexual health. MI provides a safe and non-judgmental space to discuss your concerns and your hopes for your sex life along with encouragement, alternatives and tools you can use to make the positive changes you want to see in your sex life and relationships.

What does it entail?

You’ll work with one of our staff members through a 4-session program. Sessions are one-on-one with you and the facilitator, typically about 50 minutes in length and held roughly once a week. MI is “client-centered”, meaning that we move through sessions based on your needs, at a pace that feels comfortable for you, and matching your strengths to identify change that can support your growth. This program has been piloted at a number of other AIDS Service Organizations across Ontario, and guys reported positive experiences learning more about themselves and what they could do to improve their sex lives.

How can I participate?

If you’re interested in joining, you can contact one of our MI facilitators to schedule a one-on-one information session. These sessions are casual, confidential and designed to make sure MI is a good fit for you. If you and the facilitator agree that you are a good fit for MI, you can schedule to meet and have your first session.

To schedule your information session, contact one of our MI Facilitators:

Jack Mohr, Men’s Health Promotion Coordinator – 647-381-0439, [email protected]

Arthi Jayapaul, Manager of Support Services – 416-529-6448, [email protected]


By Jack Mohr

Jack is the Men’s Health Promotion Coordinator with the AIDS Committee of York Region

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