Banner_CODSexual Health is an important topic, but how often is it discussed? Sex is in many cases still thought of as “hushed” conversation that should be kept private and behind closed doors, yet we know just how much taking care of our health matters and how it effects our daily lives. So? Let’s open the door for some properly informed dialogue.

Sexual health is often considered in the limited context of sexually transmitted infections or reproduction. Given this narrow focus, it can be challenging to identify other sexual health matters, how they relate to other aspects of our physical, mental, social or spiritual health, what resources should be in place to address the diverse sexual health needs of individuals and communities and who has a role in addressing these needs.

This year’s 2017 Central Opening Doors occurs on June 28th at the Toronto Airport Marriott Hotel  and we have assembled compelling and thought provoking speakers and presenters that represent a range of specialties, issues, and communities. Presenters will support attendees to gain a broader understanding of just what sexual health encompasses, how it intersects with other health issues, and what a more robust response to the sexual health needs of residents in Simcoe County, Peel and York Regions could look like.

This conference will also provide interactive opportunities for all in attendance to help create a vision for a sexual health strategy that can help advance collective dialogue and planning in the interests of optimal sexual health and wellness for all.

Service providers from the health care and social service sectors, educators, researchers, students, volunteers and people living with HIV are among those invited to attend this conference.

This annual conference provides participants from Simcoe County, Peel and York Regions the opportunity to strengthen and update their HIV-related knowledge and skills. This year’s conference provides a broader focus in order to assist key stakeholders in achieving the priorities as set out in Ontario’s new HIV/AIDS Strategy.

Central Opening Doors is an initiative funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, HIV and Hepatitis C Programs.

Learn more about this conference, its presentations and speakers, and how to register, at

Put together in cooperation by AIDS Committee of York RegionPeel HIV/AIDS Network, & The Gilbert Centre of Simcoe County

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