• GBQ Guys & Online Outreach

    The growing dependence and use of new technological advances in our society has been a source of debate in recent years, but it has become a commonplace for online dating with the use of hook […]

  • Sexual Health Resources during COVID-19

    Sexual Health Resources during COVID-19

    As of Tuesday March 24th, York Region Public Health has announced the temporary closure of sexual health clinics in York Region. This is in response to addressing COVID-19 and in ensuring staff and client safety […]

  • Canada’s top doctors say Undetectable = Untransmittable

    It’s official! The Government of Canada supports U=U, the consensus statement that a person living with HIV does not transmit the virus sexually if they take treatment and maintain an undetectable viral load (“undetectable = […]

  • Get tested for STIs – even without symptoms

    Look and feel healthy? Here’s the thing – if you are sexually active and haven’t been tested for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), you may not be. STIs are on the rise in York Region. In […]